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Golight Radioray
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Golight with wired remote (Model 5149)
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NEW Stryker HID
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Golight Stryker
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Golight Profiler 11
Extremely powerful re-chargeable torch

GOLIGHT Spotlights:

Golight remote control lights, radio control lights, remote controlled lights and radio controlled lights are used as vehicle lights, work vehicle lights, heavy equipment lights, boat lights and equipment lights. 

They are used by

  • shooters
  • farmers
  • boaters
  • construction workers
  • military
  • emergency services etc.

The range includes Golight with wired remote, Golight Radioray (and Radioray IR) and Golight Stryker (including Stryker HID)  and the hand held Profiler 11.

DC power is available in most vehicles, aircraft and boats, thus the Golight remote controlled spotlights are applicable to nearly every vehicle in which people work, move and carry goods or passengers.  In all these applications, operators will greatly benefit from a powerful light that can be controlled remotely. 

In some cases, the operators are looking to remain safe and secure within the shelter of the vehicle, while directing the light beam to surrounding areas.  Thus, both wireless and wired remotes are used to control the lights in inclement weather conditions and in military operations. 

In other cases, people use Golight remote controlled lights to assist in their work away from the vehicle.  While the Golight is attached to their vehicle, their wireless remote controls give them the power to direct the light on their work subject, even if their work subject moves.  In this way, the operator does not need to return to the vehicle to adjust the angle of the light, even if they need to move to a new work area. 

Utility company workers, with the use of "cherry pickers" may work their way down a power cable, nearly 30 feet above the ground.  With the Golight remote control light remote at their disposal, they can adjust the angle of the light to follow their path without lowering the platform and returning to the vehicle.



As a Route Clearance Platoon Leader in Iraq we used Golights on every truck we had. On many occasions the performance of the GOLIGHT combined with the ability to remotely scan the road allowed us to see the small signs that alerted us to the presence of an Improvised Explosive Devise in the road. On several other occasions the power and range of our GOLIGHTS resulted in our spotting insurgents on roof tops that had intended to blow us up but instead they were forced to run for their lives, often with our bullets following them. As for durability I’m not sure of a tougher test for a light than to continue working after a vehicles was blown up by an IED but the GOLIGHTS always did. In Afghanistan I am doing Route Clearance again and almost all our work is in the open desert. Here we use the GOLIGHTS not only to look for IEDs but we use them to constantly search the desert terrain ahead of us and they are the best tool that I know of to scan ahead in a sweeping motion during off road driving to pick the best route and prevent vehicles from getting stuck in a hole or even rolling over. Army Engineers use GOLIGHTS because they are tough, dependable, and they get the job done.
309TH MAC (Route Clearance)

Camp Leatherneck

Golight extends the available working
hours of a tractor at busy times

Golight on Camac CAV 100
Protective Dome is a Golight standard part

Golight on private vehicle

Golight on excavator

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