Ballistic materials

Aids to accuracy
Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI)
A.R.M.S. Inc
Ballistic materials
Bipods -Snipersystems Mil Spec Tilting
Black Shadow gun coating
Boxes and slips
Christensen Arms
DSR sniper rifles
Ghillie suits
Golight remote controlled lamps
Hawkeye borescopes
Horus Vision ATRAG software
Lynx scopes
Niedermeier rifles
NiteMax Digital Night Viewer
Pfeifer-Waffen Handy Hunter rifles
Second hand /new bargains
Schmidt and Bender PM11
Stradivari bullpup
Snipersystems Case Catcher
Snipersystems Gun Lights
Snipersystems Cyclops Head Torch
Shepherd scopes and binoculars
Snipersystems Trigger Pull Gauge
Tarbot remote controlled target
Voere rifles

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We have for sale quantities of the following extremely strong materials.
These are surplus to our requirements. 
We are open to offers.
For further information, please phone 01455 291100 and ask for Romy

Please click on links below for further details
Dyneema SK 66
Dyneema thread on bobbins 430 and 431 SK65
Duron CF Denier 1200/144 filament by Dortex
Ferrabond DBX200 Toe Puff and Counter Material
Also assorted ballistic vest covers
We also have a selection of fibreglass matting and tissue

Further details from or tel 01455 291100