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ZOOM has quick change led modules including IR
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Beams of two ZOOM gun lights with
Tight White and Tight Red led modules

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Introducing the new Snipersystems ZOOM Gun Light Kit (£140 )CLICK PICTURE FOR VIDEO

"I bought one of the new Snipersystems ZOOM gun lights on Friday, the day they were launched at the British Shooting Show.  I took it home and used it to shoot a  fox.  The next night I shot another fox.  This lamp is "awesome"!  Normally the foxes round here are quite lamp-shy, but they just stood there -they didn't know what it was!  I've just rung Snipersystems to order my first ZOOM accessory, a remote tail."    Hugo.

Provides awesome lighting to enhance and enable your hunting experience.
High quality, strong, reliable re-chargeable torch with aspheric lens and interchangeable l.e.d. modules.
Simple beam adjustment from flood beam to spot, with easy side dimmer switch. Supplied with Snipersystems Quick-Detachable mount to fit your light on top of your scope (optic) or direct onto weapon.  Once fitted, the light maintains rock solid focus, tight in line with your scope, however much you adjust the beam. A selection of l.e.d. modules and other accessories is available on separate ebay listings to quickly and easily up-grade your system (see list at bottom of page).   The Snipersystems ZOOM gun light  is the shooter’s invaluable night time friend.
  • Powerful focussed 800 metre beam with simple, positive adjustment from spot to flood.
  • Rapid, simple l.e.d. module change without tools.
  • Simple clicky switch for on/off (glow in the dark)
  • Easy dimmer switch
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
  • Quality re-chargeable protected 18650 battery with smart charger
  • Snipersystems adjustable bracket

  • £140 Kit includes

    Snipersystems ZOOM torch fitted with TW (Tight White) l.e.d.
    High quality re-chargeable protected 18650 lithium-ion battery
    Smart charger with UK plug (overseas adaptor provided for non-UK sales), which switches off when charged
    Snipersystems Quick Detachable (Q.D.) mount (fits a wide variety of diameters)


Remote tail switch (includes sticky backed Velcro) £20

Tight Red l..e.d. module £30

Spread White l..e.d. module £30

Covert Infrared l..e.d. module (wavelength 850nm) £30

Snipersystems Q.D. Clamp (one provided in ZOOM kit) £20

Snipersystems Magmount to mount lamp on shotgun or any un-scoped weapon £30

Pair of top quality Snipersystems 18650 protected 3.7 volt  re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries £20

To purchase please phone 01455 291100 or click on-line shop

Our classic for medium to long range
 Snipersystems Gun Light kit (600 lumens) £200 PLUS vat

Tried and tested by Charles Pirie who was the star of the Bafta winning best documentary series "THE GAME KEEPER" a BBC production. who said " I was amazed at the speed of delivery following my order.  It arrived at 9 o'clock the next morning. I put it onto my M4 carbine, which has a very high foresight, and is normally very difficult to fit anything onto without reflection off the scope and it fitted quickly and easily and was high enough not to reflect.  I went out and shot a fox with it. I picked up the eyes at 450 metres and called it in to 150 metres to shoot it. Perfect! It was the best gun light I have tested.  You've got a terrific one there!"

(we also make smaller, more affordable torches and gun lights)

Snipersystems Gun Light on Shepherd scope
Click on image to enlarge
L.E.D. in deep, highly polished mirror reflector
Click on image to enlarge
Items included in the kit
Click on image to enlarge

Snipersystems Gun Light

When Global Rifle were asked to design a gun light that would fit into their range of high quality equipment and be suitable for use by the best snipers, they put together all the best features the industry could provide.The Snipersystems Gun Light provides a powerful 600 lumen concentrated positive spot beam of light aimed precisely at the target and surrounded by a gentle flood halo for quick target acquisition; this is activated by a quality remote tail switch.  This beam of light is achieved by mounting a 1st quality l.e.d. (light emitting diode) deep into the robust aluminium body of the torch, and using a highly polished mirror reflector and a crystal glass lens.  Alternatively the remote switch can be removed and the rubber switch on the end of the torch used.  This enables the gun light to double as a tactical torch.

The “pastry cutter” bezel is designed to provide enough light to read a map without giving out a light signal that might alert an enemy. 

The gun light’s power comes from a compact re-chargeable 3.7 volt, protected, 18650 battery.  As this lithium ion battery has no memory it will not lose power when re-charged, whether fully or partially discharged, enabling it to be topped up from the mains whenever convenient. 

The light on the smart charger turns from red to green when the battery is fully charged and prevents it from over-charging. 
As with any rifle mounted optic, the mount is paramount to the gun light’s performance. 

Snipersystem’s Q.D. mount will adapt to hold the torch rock steady on a wide variety of optic tubes, or on the barrel of a rifle or shotgun. It is not affected by heavy recoil.  It will not scratch your rifle, optic or the torch.  It has a big positive tightening knob, so can easily be fitted or dismounted in the dark.
The Snipersystems clamp is very versatile -In the case of a shotgun barrel you may need to use a little packing such as pipe lagging.  All sorts of packing materials can be used including silicon pipe, or rubber pipe split lengthwise. This will also protect your barrel from marking. The clamp can be fitted to most .410 and 12 bore barrels, be they single barrel, side by side or over and under.

Looking through the scope, the Snipersystems Gun Light will illuminate eyes at 600 metres and clearly identify quarry out to 400 metres.  Obviously, when the red filter is fitted, this will reduce the effective distance.

It is well balanced and relatively light weight with an integral power source. 

If you want to know how long the battery will last,  when we tested them out we gave up waiting and went to bed after 14 hours.  The light had dimmed, but it still had plenty of life in it.

If you buy good kit you'll never regret it.

Weight of torch 279g (9 7/8 oz)

Length of torch 180mm (7 ins)

Diameter of objective  48mm (1 7/8 ins)

Price for the kit, which includes Snipersystems Shooting Torch, tail and remote switch, Red filter, Snipersystems Q.D. clamp, re-chargeable protected 18650 battery, and smart charger is £200 

To ORDER phone 01455 291100

or email
We can take a card payment over the phone

Brackets for attaching Gun Lights available separately

Snipersystems Mag Clamp (£30 inc VAT)

Snipersystems Magnetic Clamp
Firmly attaches torch to shotgun or any un-scoped weapon
Magnetic clamps used for two accessories
Do not move under recoil

Snipersystems Quick detachable (QD) clamp (£20 inc VAT)

QD clamp is supplied with our Gunlight Kits
It is also available separately

or phone Global Rifle on 01455 291100
to order or make enquiries
We can take a card payment over the phone
Please add VAT to prices unless shipped outside EEC