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NiteMax Ultra is a portable hand held digital night viewerequal in quality to generation 3 conventional tube based products, and a fraction of the price.


Unlike conventional night vision devices that have little or no magnification, the Nitemax comes with a 1.5 magnification lens, with additional 3x digital magnification.  This is sufficient to scan a two acre field at night and to identify a rabbit or a fox, for example, at the far hedge (approx 200 yards). 


It is fitted with an industry standard C mount compatible with CCTV camera lenses, so there is scope for using different after-market lenses for the adventurous.   It also features high output infra-red illumination, which can be adjusted to suit the conditions and boost the available light


……so how does digital night vision work?


The Nitemax uses an advanced CCD imaging sensor to detect the photons, then converts them into a digital electronic signal that is processed with the use of an image processor. The processed image is then displayed on a high-resolution 2 inch screen and can then, if you choose, be recorded on to any camcorder or VCR. It can be used by day or by night, without any risk of damage, unlike conventional vacuum tubes that risk permanent damage by bright lights.


The Nitemax has a digitally perfect image (no annoying black dots), and is available in either black and white or colour.


It is powered by a re-chargeable Lithium Ion battery and is supplied with an automatic charger that will show you when the charge is complete.  The (optional) car adapter enables the viewer to be plugged into the cigarette socket in a car to save on battery use.  (Battery will normally operate for approx 2 hours)

 Nitemax has proved popular with the following :-

  • Shooters
  • Gamekeepers who want video record of poachers, or of predators
  • Fishermen
  • Watchers of nocturnal animals such as badgers
  • Those who wish to video under cover of darkness
  • Ghost hunters

You are purchasing the Ultra version of this viewer, which is the top of the range. 

Product Features

  • Utilizes infrared diodes for maximum distance and clarity
  • 2.5" TFT-LCD screen on back of unit
  • Portable and light at 14 ounces
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
  • RCA video output jacks for connection to VCR or camcorder
  • NiteMax is a state-of-the-art digital night vision viewing system. Advanced solid state circuitry provides 24 hour operation in any lighting condition. Using its fast f1.2 lens and the latest in high resolution image processing, NiteMax produces a bright and clear picture in the darkest environment and displays it on its built-in 2.5" LCD screen. The RCA video output jack allows easy connection to a VCR or Camcorder for image recording. Uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included), or optional AC/DC power supply for extended use (not included). Features included:
    • Sensor: Night Vision
    • Display: 2.5" Flat Panel
    • Resolution: 420 TV Lines
    • Lens: 1x Power, Interchangeable f1.2 Aperture Lens
    • Illumination: High Output IR
    • Range: 300’ minimum distance
    • Batteries: Li-Ion Rechargeable battery (included)
    • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 2.5"
    • Weight: 14 Ounces


NiteMax Ultra features an industry standard RCA-outjack.  Using this output, you can easily record to a VCR or to a camcorder.


NiteMax linked to camcorder using standard RCA lead

NiteMax fitted with standard 6x power CCTV lens.  Combined with the 3x power digital zoom this gives up to 18 times magnificationThis is unheard of in conventional (non-digital)night vision equipment

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NiteMax Ultra Digital Night Viewer
in black and white (includes p&p to UK)    
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Car Adapter, increases battery time
(plugs into car cigarette socket)

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