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Radioray available in black

(Our most popular models are 7950 and 7951)

Model 7950 Radioray with suction/permanent base; wireless remote; black
Model 7951 Radioray with suction/magnetic base; wireless remote; black £226.25

Clip on coloured filters in red, amber or blue, £15 each
Zip up carrying case £7.50
Security dome  £52.20

This is the wireless searchlight you've been waiting for!
This light features: 15 foot weatherproof cord cigarette lighter adapter (runs on your vehicle's 12-volt battery) hand-held, wireless remote controllable from up to 150 feet away. Swivel handle. Handheld wireless remote control that controls on/off of light beam and movement of light.
The RadioRay has three mounting options: a rubber suction cup base, magnetic mounting shoe or a permanent mounting shoe. Model 7950 comes with both suction and permanent bases, Model 7951 has suction and magnetic. COLOR: Black

GOLIGHT REMOTE CONTROLLED LIGHT CAPABILITIES: - 370 degrees motorized rotation - 140 degrees motorized tilt - Fast/Slow speed options to for accurate positioning of light beam. Time for complete rotation : 8 seconds on high speed, 12 seconds on low speed.

GOLIGHT REMOTE CONTROLLED LIGHT OUTPUT: - Philips bulb - 12 Volts, 65 Watts - Reflector-computer generated parabolic - 5.5 amps draw - 700 foot working beam (you can read a book at 700 feet) - Candlepower - 5 million (new retail formula) or 400,000 (old industrial formula)

GOLIGHT REMOTE CONTROLLED WIRELESS REMOTE: - Wireless, so requires no wiring harness - Effective to 150 feet (even through vehicles, walls, etc.) - Operates on 433 mhz (works on radio signal, not IR, so line of site and obstructions are not an issue) - Handheld remote included - Remote is weatherproof - 4 button operation - up/down, right/left - Remote turns light on/off, so no additional switch required - Programmable with 2187 channels - Radio R.F. Frequency, F.C.C., S.A.E. tested and Canada Certified.

GOLIGHT MATERIALS: - Housing--ASA Luran heat resistant, high impact, weather resistant housing with highest quality UV resistant material. - Gears and transmission parts/engineering Lexan, and brass prevents rust, corrosion and oxidation that could impair performance. - Motors--Automotive grade 12 Volt D.C. High Torque Characteristics include: - R.P.M.: 6087 constant Torque17.133 mN.m/amp - Stall: 12.31 mN.m Draw point 4 amps. - Output: 1.96 watts with built in stall protection circuitry - All connectors are weatherproof meet OEM vehicle manufacturer specifications.

GOLIGHT CONDITIONS: - Golight meets marine standards for fresh water and saltwater usage - UV and weatherproof for outdoor use

GOLIGHT REMOVABLE SHOE BASE: - Golight slides on and off base of the light. When the shoe is installed a spring-loaded button pops up locking the light into the base. The shoe base completely encapsulates the suction cup base - When the base is removed, the light can be mounted using the suction cup and the locking lever on the side to activate the suction mount. - The magnetic shoe has small bar magnets imbedded in the shoe base and covered with rubber. - Magnetic base offers 40 pounds of magnetic grip.

GOLIGHT REMOTE CONTROLLED LIGHT DIMENSIONS: - Golight base: 6"X 6" - Height: 8 inches - Independent Lab Tested to meet or exceed all S.A.E. Standards

Recommended for lamping Foxes, Rabbits, Rats, Hares & Deer (where legal to do so)
The light is also very useful for gutting rabbits/hares etc at night.  A great help when retrieving deer carcasses after dusk.

Unique Pentabeam technology leaves no dark spots.  


Golight clip on filters
available in red, amber or blue

Protective dome for Golight
Fits all models

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