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Golight remote spotlights are fitted to many of our emergency vehicles.
here are a few testimonials:-

     By far the best morning watch tool in my bag! The Golight is an absolute must for the uniformed patrol officer who is a safety conscious professional, regardless of the type of beat you patrol. After almost a decade of trying various lights for night time duty and spending a small fortune, I am more than convinced; the new RadioRay Golight is a winner, hands down!  Superior to hand held models, more functional than the traditional A pillar mounted model, and by far the most dynamic spotlight on the market. The hand held remote adds a completely new dimension to tactical safety on traffic stops and wide area searches. With remote in hand and the blinding white light rotating with the punch of a button, perpetrators have no idea how mighty the force is that has confronted them. Whether you are looking for perpetrators, or a lost child, the Golight absolutely gives you the night time tactical advantage.

     There have been countless times, since employing the Golight as part of my regular duty equipment, that the blinding light has given me the distinctive tactical advantage. But most recently, I attribute the blinding light the Golight produces, and the ease of operation of the wireless remote, in bringing to an end, and successful conclusion of a very dangerous high-speed chase of a kidnapping suspect who was holding his victim hostage at speeds greater the 100 miler per hour.

     Mounted only by its magnetic mount on top of my marked Police unit, the Golight performed flawlessly. By aiming the powerful brilliant white beam directly inside the rear window of the kidnappers vehicle, not only could I see the perpetrator and the victim, it gave me the clear tactical advantage by hindering the perpetrators ability to see, forcing him to stop his vehicle and flee on foot, allowing for the safe rescue of the victim, and the successful apprehension of the suspect.

     The Golight is an outstanding tool, and is a must tool for modern day Law Enforcement.

—Officer Ken Curry, DeKalb County, Georgia

     I am a Military Police Investigator, in the US Army. One of the best products I have used so far is the Golight. Processing a crime scene, especially at night, is challenging. Imagine a portable light that uses a remote control to turn or direct the beam. Due to the light's ability to turn or adjust, it is a huge asset, combined with being able to alter it at the touch of a button from 100' or more, makes it so valuable it is now part of my crime scene kit.

     I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Golight; the system has several colored lens covers to enable you to work in several environments with different powders or chemicals.

Believe me if you try this light you will be hooked.
—David Chappell, Investigator, Military Police

    Just a short note to let you know we are using the Golight with the wireless remote on the DARE Car. Our DARE car is a '92 Crown Vic that is used for patrol duties as well as Community Out Reach Programs. From a straight patrol use I have used the light at car crashes and night searches for suspects. It has been far more versatile than the ally lights and the old style spot light mounted on the drivers side of the patrol car.

The tactical advantage in a SWAT situation is invaluable. It has allowed me to cover a five acre area by myself during a raid on a meth lab. I am able to move away from the car. Light up the area and move the spot as needed without going back to the car or giving away my covered position. The psych factor has been noted by other officers in the house and covering other areas of the operation. Knowing that an armed officer is out there, but not knowing where he is helps to control the suspect area.

—Richard Cross, Deputy Sheriff
Fremont County Sheriff's Office, Canon City Colorado

Light directed to working area
Golight remote operation

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