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Voere rifles

VOERE has the most up-to-date engineering facility you could wish for, right under the famous fortress at Kufstein, Austria, steeped in tradition, and their products reflect this pedigree.  VOERE was always one of the most innovative and modern companies in the world, in the field of precision technology, and has remained so for over 60 years.  The hunting and sports weapons developed and manufactured by VOERE enjoy international acclaim and a high reputation.  Many weapons are purchased because of personal recommendation or valuable insider information.This family-run medium sized company -now run by the 3rd generation - achieves its cutting edge potential by using a combination of tradition and innovation.  The three supporting pillars are:-
Product Innovation – be it the fastest shooting anti-terrorist weapon (the AM180), available so far, the development of the first weapon with a laser guidance system (way back in 1972), the development and manufacture of the first rifle with a case-less (combustible) cartridge, or the first take-down system, where the barrel can be detached, using a quick change lock, VOERE has always been in the forefront of weapons technology.
Production techniques – the VOERE factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, capable of high-speed machining in up to 10 axes.
Human resources – 90% of VOERE staff are qualified specialists in their field and many at management level have remained in the company since they were apprenticed as fitters, toolmakers, machinists and gunsmiths.VOERE not only excels in the field of gun making, it comes as no surprise that VOERE is also a leading manufacturer in a second industrial area, the design and production of precision components used in high-tech electrical systems and in engineering machine construction.

Global Rifle is exclusive UK importer for VOERE
                                                                  TO HELP YOU CHOOSE YOUR VOERE .........

Voere produce a range of rifles for hunters, target shooters and military.  The 2155 and 2165 are based on Mauser K98 actions.  These are not just poor copies made out of cheap materials, as some of the competitors use:- they are genuine Mauser K98 actions, totally re-furbished and fitted with new barrels and a choice of 6 different triggers.  The stocks come in either good quality walnut, or synthetic, which is nylon, over-moulded with rubber.  Barrels can be standard, varmint weight or carbon-wrapped stainless. A wide range of calibres is available.Their flagship model is the latest sniper rifle, the LBW-M, the Military  version of the modular LBW, and it is available with calibre interchanges from .223 to.300 Win Mag, all retaining the same optic. A dedicated .338 version is also available..  The 6.5x47 has proved particularly popular with the UK market.  The LBW-M has a fully folding stock that is ergonomically adjustable every which way.  It has a comfortable trigger grip and many features such as a Picatinny rail. The barrel is very heavy fluted stainless with a trilateral muzzle break.Voere also make a beautiful hunting version, the 20-03LBW, which has the same stock  and barrel options as the 2155 and 2165, modular, again, with the added benefit of using the same scope, whatever calibre you change to.  Calibres range from .222 to .375 H&H. Voere also make a specially featured version of the LBW, called the Luxus, and will make other rifles with engraving and special quality wood and extra features to order. One of the available extras you can choose is a de-cocking safety on the end of the bolt.  This enables the user to cock and de-cock with their thumb.  Global Rifle has found that this useful feature can also be fitted to a Remington bolt. 
Global Rifle  hold a handy stock of .22 magazines for those who are lucky enough to own one of the original Voeres in .22.  Most are still going strong 20 years on….a fitting tribute to the longevity of a Voere rifle.

"2155" Bolt Action rifle K98 (click for more info)

Proven - Solid - Low-cost

The robust models are based on the Mauser K98 system proven many million times over.

"2165" Bolt action rifle K98 (click for more info)

Elegant - High-quality - Safe

  The "2165" is the classic K98 with luxury attachments.
The"LBW" with exchangeable calibres (click for more info) 

Light-weight - Well-balanced - Modular

The LBW is a low-cost, universal, light-weight rifle with modular design that can be dismantled.



"LBW-M" Sniper Rifle (click for more info)

Modular - High-performance - Unique

The "LBW-M" is high-tech for precision shooters.

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