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Tarbot remote controlled target
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See the Tarbot remote controlled targets set up by the NRA
at Bisley Live.
  Romy Newell is interviewed about them by Charlie Jacoby on the Field Sports Channel  Click on this link to see it on You Tube
or watch the whole 1/2 hour programme on www.fieldsportschannel.tv
and click on George Digweed 5th October, (he was breaking clay shooting records at Bisley Live)

Tarbot remote controlled target
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Tarbot the unique remote controlled target

Every shooter has been through it, the dreaded wait until another shooter has finished shooting, before being able to go down range and change to a new target.

All shooters are different. Some want to changes targets after a few shots, some will shoot half and hour or more before a change.

With the Tarbot, you can change your target from the comfort and safety of your shooting position with the push of a button. Using a wireless keyfob button, you can advance the target roll to a new target on command. That equals a lot of walking time saved and not wasted clearing the range, and securing weapons.  Target rolls are 50 feet long, so plenty of targets are available on command.

Key Benefits
  • Advance targets on command, when YOU are ready
  • Range of up to 1,000 yards *
  • Each Tarbot operates on its own frequency, without interference
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor ranges
  • More trigger time
  • Replacement parts available
  • Link 2 or more tarbots with one remote *
  • Modular Construction makes for easy part replacement and repair
Here are some things shooters have had to say about the Tarbot

"I see a lot of thought and design problems Shooters Technology had to work out with this very practical invention. Having degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering including my degree in Architecture I can very much appreciate what they invested in this before the final version. My hat is off to them for a very beautiful product."

- Gene B. (shooter for 45 years)
Gun Accessory Studio


"I just want to say Thank You for inventing the TARBOT. I absolutely love the convenience of this thing. Not having to change targets all the time has doubled my shooting time at the range, especially on the three hundred yard range. I do however have a suggestion for you... please sell more of these as soon as possible so that I don't have to wait for others to go down range."

- Mark F.



What happens if a bullet hits the TARBOT frame?

TARBOT is made for easy, sectional replacements. Top assembly, side tubes, bottom assembly, and drive can each be changed, in minutes.

How long does the panel behind the target area last?
The windscreen is corrugated resilient plastic sheet, and due to its tough material characteristics, will easily survive hundreds of rimfire rounds, and somewhat less hits from larger caliber bullets, but it all depends on the spread of the bullet holes.

How long does the 9-volt battery last, and how long does it take to change it?
Testing indicates the battery will last for thousands of actuations, which translates into many rolls of targets. It changes in less than a minute. Just remember to switch it to "OFF", when not in use!

Will the TARBOT operate at 300 or 400 yds?
300 yds is beyond the recommended range for the standard keyfob transmitter. However, reliable operation is available with our optional 1,000 yd Long-Range Transmitter.

What will happen if I leave my TARBOT out in the rain?
The electronics will not be affected since they're protected from rain, but the target roll will be rendered useless. TARBOT will not drive wet target rolls.

Will the TARBOT colour fade if left out in the sun?
No. TARBOT frame material is furniture-grade, UV-resistant PVC and will last for many years.

Could I hang the TARBOT from an overhang or tree branch rather than mounted on the PVC legs?
Certainly! It is very versatile.

Is it possible to order target rolls with a custom image or target on them?
Yes! Custom printing is available for a small charge. An electronic image of your desired target is all that is required.

PRICE Tarbot with two target rolls £250 (standard version up to £300)
Long range version (up to 1000 yards) £325

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All prices are subject to VAT unless posted outside EEC

For more information contact Global Rifle on 01455 291100