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Snipersystems Cyclops l.e.d. Zoomable Head Light Kit    

Re-chargeable, l.e.d. head torch with bright white 1200 lumen Cree XML-U2 light with instant zoom/focus. 200 metre plus beam. Safety rear red light. Unrivalled performance using the most powerful semi-conductor Cree l.e.d. available. Snipersystems Cyclops is set into a comfortable and substantial, adjustable elastic headset.  Beam is instantly adjustable from spot to flood and infinite adjustments in between.  Beam angle can be adjusted through 90 degrees.

Kit includes 2x 18650 3.7 volt protected re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries and smart mains charger.  Light can be operated for 3-4 hours on full beam, much longer on low beam.

Your kit is supplied ready to go!  The batteries are fully charged and installed.
The batteries can be topped up at any level of discharge and have no memory, so, will last, pretty well, a lifetime of use.

The light is turned on using the green button and always comes on on full power, but you can turn it down to conserve power if you wish, or choose strobe to ride home safely.  A 5 second press on the green button will give you "SOS" mode in case of emergency.  All modes are duplicated on front and rear lights.

Wear it riding a bicycle, or walking the dog, caring for farm stock or working on your car at night, even just peering into a dark recess.  Invaluable tool for hunters and quad bike riders. Work hands free.

For night shooters, the Snipersystems Cyclops leaves the shooter with both hands free to skin and dress his quarry in the dark, and then to find his way home safely. Great kit for shooting with a shotgun at night also.

More powerful than the headlights on most cars, the Cyclops enables quad bike riders to look around and search, and to see clearly in the direction they need to look, not just straight ahead.  Cyclops also has a red l.e.d. light so you can be seen from behind for safety and to be legal.

It's perfect!  You need one!!   "You know it makes sense”

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