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Pfeifer-Waffen Handy Hunter

A custom rifle starting at around £2000

Made by the same Austrian family firm , Pfeifer Waffen, who manufacture the Zeliska, in .600 Nitro Magnum, the world's most powerful revolver.  Pfeifer say that when constructing the  Handy Hunter, they  used completely new concepts and ideas in gunsmithing. The Pfeifer Handy Hunter combines all features  demanded of a modern hunting rifle.

The great advantage of this rifle lies in it’s overall length (27 1/2 ins). The rifle is extremely short and handy, while preserving a barrel length of 26 inches.

Furthermore the weapon is well-balanced, so you can even aim and shoot using just

one hand, handling it pistol-like. Perfect for unsupported shots whilst woodland stalking.  Having the weight so far back stops the proverbial “stirring the porridge” action so troublesome when using conventional rifles.

Imagine how comfortable it would be to carry such a short rifle,using the rucksack  straps, especially in rough terrain, hunting abroad or climbing up into a high seat. 

At the shooting range you will be surprised how easily the Handy Hunter can be reloaded without moving it from its position.

Pfeifer use high precision cold hammered barrels by Heym Co., in order to achieve superb shooting performance and accuracy.

Choice of any calibre from .22LR to .458

Choice of twist rate

Stainless or chrome moly barrel

Super-compact with full-length barrel

26˝ fully floated match grade barrel

Choice of barrel weights

Choice or laminated wood or walnut stock

Straight in-line stock design - doesn’t jump

Great for shooting out of a vehicle

Compact even with suppressor

Left or right handed

Can be used single-handed

Weight from 2.7 kilos

Other options include

Adjustable trigger Double zero scope mount Rifle lock

Factory screw cutting Picatinny rail • Adjustable cheek piece

Rifles in stock
.223 SR3 with adjustable trigger, Picatinny rail and screw cut in M14  £1880 (plus tax)
.300 Win Mag SR2 with stainless barrel, Picatinny rail and trigger lock £2079 (plus tax) 

Handy Hunter with walnut stock in travelling case


is available in a Variety of Finishes

Even one handed shooters who have suffered disability can manage the Handy Hunter.

The integrated key operated safety lock protects the rifle against unauthorized use and makes storage safe.

The Handy Hunter is available in all calibres and a variety of finishes.

A custom rifle to beat all custom rifles in accuracy and fitness for purpose.

The Handy Hunter in the light version for smaller calibres (.22 Mag to 6 x 70R) has an aluminium action and a smaller barrel weighing in total approx. 6.1 lbs. In larger calibres the action is steel.


Handy Hunter in finished wood with detachable Sling


Carrying the rifle on your back is surprisingly comfortable, the barrel won't be in your way – the rifle is no longer than your jacket.



It's a
Great little rifle if you are restricted in any way:-

In a vehicle
In a wheelchair
One handed
Weak upper limbs

This rifle is fitted with a small compact suppressor
and 6"-9" SnipersystemsMark 11 Mil Spec Tilting bipod.


This Handy Hunter is fitted with a Shepherd 6-18x40 scope

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All prices subject to 20% VAT unless shipped outside EEC