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If you are a target shooter, benchrest shooter, varmint hunter, rifle collector, gunsmith, firearms manufacturer, forensic scientist or even an everyday hunter you will find the Hawkeye borescope a valuable tool for learning about the care, cleaning and quality of your rifle barrels. A high quality, well maintained rifle barrel leads to tighter groupings on the target. Inspect the lands and grooves in firearm barrels to find erosion, fouling and tool-marks that effect accuracy.  

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Following is what one shooting expert has to say about the Hawkeye borescope.

Rick Jamison

When I started using the Hawkeye® Borescope, I was amazed at the clarity of the view with this relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use device. The Hawkeye gives you an up-close and magnified view inside a rifle barrel, so that you know precisely what is there, without guessing. Without a borescope you have no way to know what is going on inside your rifle's bore because you simply cannot see it. Holding a barrel up to the light and looking through it from one end is all but worthless, when it comes to judging its condition.

After looking through scores of barrels, I have gotten an education about all sorts of things and these are just some of them:

The condition of a new barrel
What is the surface condition like? Have the reamer marks been lapped out? Are there major blemishes? Was the chamber throat cut concentric, indicating a straight barrel in this region, or is it longer on one side? How smooth are the chamber and throat?
Is the cleaner really working? How much more scrubbing is necessary, and where? Is my cleaning method damaging the bore?
Bore Wear
Exactly how worn and rough is my chamber throat? How far down the bore is heat cracking present?
How fouled is the bore and where does fouling occur — in the bottom of the groove, on the leading edge of the land, on the top surface of the land — or where?
The condition of a used barrel
Are there nicks, corrosion, fouling, or excessive wear

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