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Aids to accuracy
Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI)
A.R.M.S. Inc
Ballistic materials
Bipods -Snipersystems Mil Spec Tilting
Black Shadow gun coating
Boxes and slips
Christensen Arms
DSR sniper rifles
Ghillie suits
Golight remote controlled lamps
Hawkeye borescopes
Horus Vision ATRAG software
Lynx scopes
Niedermeier rifles
NiteMax Digital Night Viewer
Pfeifer-Waffen Handy Hunter rifles
Second hand /new bargains
Schmidt and Bender PM11
Stradivari bullpup
Snipersystems Case Catcher
Snipersystems Gun Lights
Snipersystems Cyclops Head Torch
Shepherd scopes and binoculars
Snipersystems Trigger Pull Gauge
Tarbot remote controlled target
Voere rifles


Ballistics PDA Software — Sporting
Want an easy, sure-fire way to improve your aim? Then ATrag1X is for you. Just enter some basic shooting data to get your exact aiming point instantly. ATrag1X works with any scope, gives exact number of elevation and windage clicks for knob adjustments, and remembers your zero setting by showing relative changes across multiple adjustments.

Our ballistics software helps you achieve target strikes with the first shot under any condition. It combines ballistic, atmospheric, and targeting data for lightning-fast aiming solutions. Our easy-to-use interface is uncluttered and makes sense the very first time you pick it up. It’s housed on a self-contained SD chip which can be plugged into many Palm or Pocket PC models for instant access to all your stored gun data and parameters, no syncing required. Based on William Davis' life's work as a US Army ballistics guru, ATrag's targeting formula sets the standard. Whether you're lobbing paint balls or pushing 2,500 yards with boat tails, Davis' calculations will put you on target.


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